A Stranger Sort of Fairy Tale

What happens when the incubus king meets his faery prince?

After two years of civil war, Tarquin has taken back his throne. Now his task is to rebuild the city of Arubio and the shattered lives of the citizens. Marriage is the last thing on his mind, but that doesn’t stop his uncle, the Emperor of Rus, from selecting his betrothed anyway: Viridian, the crown prince of the fey nation of Fiddach.

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Rare Flower

Fated love isn’t a dream come true—it’s a waking nightmare

At least, that’s what Narcissus thinks when he discovers he’s bound by destiny to Melanthios, the fairy lord of the dead. At first, it seems like everything he’s ever wanted, but the hand of fate is cruel: having the love of his life means upending everything he thought he knew about the world, biology—and himself.

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Omega on Top

Boardroom Omega

For Percival Warwick, it’s always been career first, family last. He knows that’s unconventional for an omega—but then, very few omegas make it to the C-suite. Not that anyone at Utopico knows their Chief Operating Officer is an omega.

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Boardroom Omega

Socialite omega Rupert Cullinan might have everything—money, connections, and an enviable designer wardrobe—but he can’t get that fairy tale “happily ever after” he’s always wanted. Still reeling after his divorce, Rupert comes face to face with the fact money can’t buy him what he really wants: love and family.

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Flirting with the Zodiac

Hook, Line and Sinker cover

Hook, Line & Sinker (Book 1)

What’s marriage and a baby between friends?

Aliens might be common in New Martia, but half-Piscean Ty Metzler is still a bit of a fish out of water. His best friend Lawrence Trafford doesn’t seem to mind all that much. That changes when Lawrence’s parents make a power move to disinherit him from the family fortune. Ty’s seahorse biology suddenly takes center stage as the two friends scheme to secure Lawrence’s place in the line of succession.

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Riding the Dragon (Book 2)

Cad’s no fan of dragons, but Drake has an offer he can’t refuse.

Cad Lewis, ex-soldier and disgraced war hero, left Earth ten years ago to start fresh on the planet Librae. He just wants to run his farm, and he mostly does …

Until the dragon Drake comes crashing into his life.

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Main Squeeze (Book 3)

Falling into a nest of snake shifters can really shake up your love life.

Crash-landing on an alien planet full of shape-shifting snakes is probably less than ideal, but that’s where Marty Yoon ends up when a solo flight to Barnard’s Star goes wrong. Lucky for him, his rescuers, Jasper and Orrin, seem less interested in making him their next meal—and more intent on making him their mate!

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The Bull by His Horns (Book 4)

This isn’t Ro’s first rodeo.

Cloud Nine Ranch is the last place Ro Hirsch wants to be after an accident sends him home from the war … at least, until a new cowboy shows up. Tall, dark, and handsome, Ferrante is exactly Ro’s type—and their instant chemistry doesn’t hurt either. But Ferr’s got a few secrets—including a shadowy past and some shady people hunting him down.

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Lions Will Tame Leopards (Book 5)

Leopards Can’t Change Their Spots … Or Can They?

Leopard shifter Nix has always been rough and tumble, and the threat of insurrection and violence in post-war Rasalas suits him just fine. Bomb threats and busting trafficking rings are just another day’s work as he and the rest of the president’s pride—Bern, Zo, and Wei—work to protect Rasala’s fragile new democracy and Regulus himself.

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The Raven Before the Dove (Book 6)

Romance Is for the Birds … and It Will Rewrite a Planet’s Future

Prince Cirrus of the Corvid Kingdom has been living in self-imposed exile at the court of King Prion for cycles now. When his mother, the Empress Altostratus, marches against the eagles, Cirrus finds himself on the run once more. Joining him on his journey north are the noble warrior Aquila, the scrappy soldier Hawthorn, and the mysterious Arcticos, an emissary from secretive owl kingdom.

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Bad Spirits

After war erupts between the Rus and the Nords, Ilya the spy finds himself on the run from both governments–and the disgruntled ex-leader of the Nord’s secret service, Timmo. But there’s something strange about Timmo now, something Ilya can’t quite put his finger on …

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