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Is M/M Romance Fetishizing?


Pride often brings up plenty of arguments about who “counts” as queer. Every year, we debate whether kink communities “belong” at Pride. People argue that folks in heterosexual-presenting relationships don’t belong in queer spaces. (Ronê Ferreira / Pexels.com) Another argument often emerges alongside discussions about who “belongs” or “doesn’t” belong in the queer community. Every so often—and...

Why We Need Queer Books (More Than Ever)


June has arrived, and with it, Pride Month 2024 has kicked off. Pride started in the 1970s to protest the treatment of queer people, both by law enforcement and society at large. The Stonewall Riots were the last straw for many queer people. They were frustrated by living in fear and denial, always under threat of violence from the state. Pride parades became a way of protesting this oppression...

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