Rare Flower


An MM Mpreg Romance

Fated love isn’t a dream come true — it’s a waking nightmare.

At least, that’s what Narcissus thinks when he discovers he’s bound by destiny to Melanthios, the fairy lord of the dead. At first, it seems like everything he’s ever wanted, but the hand of fate is cruel: having the love of his life means upending everything he thought he knew about the world, biology — and himself.

Can Narcissus learn to accept the fairy tale that fate has written for him and Ant? Or will he run from the only love he’s ever known?

ableist/sanist language, depression, suicidal ideation, forced pregnancy, psychological/mental health issues, mental illness, substance use/abuse, attempted abortion, abuse, discussion of abusive relationships, gun violence, near-death experiences, character death, rape, rape fantasies
LGBTQI+ romance
Paranormal romance
Fantasy romance

Tags: m/m, mpreg, fae, fated mates, soulmates, dark romance, Greek mythology, Narcissus myth, Hades/Persephone myth

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