The Raven Before the Dove


An Omegaverse Mpreg Romance

Omega on Top #1

Romance is for the birds—and it will rewrite a planet’s future

Prince Cirrus of the Corvid Kingdom has been living in self-imposed exile at the court of King Prion for cycles now. When his mother, the Empress Altostratus, marches against the eagles, Cirrus finds himself on the run once more. Joining him on his journey north are the noble warrior Aquila, the scrappy soldier Hawthorn, and the mysterious Arcticos, an emissary from secretive owl kingdom.

Cirrus has plenty of secrets of his own, including his omega nature, which threatens to overwhelm him as the party travels toward the mountains. Can Cirrus keep his vow to remain celibate until his mother is defeated? Or will the temptation of being alone on the road with three alphas prove too much—even as the future of planet Corvus and an intergalactic war hang in the balance?

child abuse, childhood trauma, childbirth, violence, war, rape, fascism
LGBTQI+ romance
Scifi Romance
Planetary romance

Tags: mmmm, polyam, mpreg, omegaverse, abo dynamics

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