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I Know, It’s Only Rock n’ Roll: The Official Playlist for Riding the Dragon


I had a pretty rough time getting together the first draft of Riding the Dragon. One of the reasons for that was actually music. I’m a musically driven sort of writer, so my writing process depends on having the “right” music. Plenty of writers make playlists and pick theme songs for their characters. I’d say my process is a step beyond that, even: I’m actively soundtracking my books. Characters...

Introducing Cad


Riding the Dragon centers on Cadfael Lewis, an ex-soldier turned farmer living on the planet Librae. Cadfael (Cad for short) hasn’t had it easy, and meeting up with Drake doesn’t make things easier for him. A Broken Soldier Cad is what most would call “a broken soldier.” (Cad tends not to think of himself this way, except when he’s feeling down on himself.) A rather horrific incident with a...

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