Riding the Dragon


Cad and Drake don’t have much of a choice when fate decides to charge them with protecting a dragonling, but they can still choose to fall in love.

Flirting with the Zodiac #2

Cad Lewis, ex-soldier and disgraced war hero, left Earth ten years ago to start fresh on the planet Librae. He just wants to run his farm, and he mostly does …

Until the dragon Drake comes crashing into his life. Cad has no love for dragons, but Drake strikes a deal with him—he can stay on the land Drake claims is a nest if he agrees to raise a dragonling.

It might be the only way Cad will ever get the family he’s always wanted. But Drake’s presence in his life comes with a promise of much, much more: a dash of romance, a hint of danger, and a prophecy that leaves the fate of the universe hanging in the balance …

Explicit sexual content, recreational drug and alcohol use, mental health issues, PTSD, obscenity, depictions of pregnancy, emotional manipulation, dubious consent, violence, weapons, casual homophobia
Science fiction
LGBTQI+ science fiction
LGBTQI+ romance
m/m romance

Tags: m/m romance, interspecies relationship, mpreg, fated mates, soul bonds, older hero

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