Boardroom Omega


An ABO Mpreg Romance

Omega on Top #1

For Percival Warwick, it’s always been career first, family last. He knows that’s unconventional for an omega—but then, very few omegas make it to the C-suite. Not that anyone at Utopico knows their Chief Operating Officer is an omega.

Perce’s career is set to unravel when a routine M&A meeting brings him into the orbit of Jake Cohen, the CEO of Lunex—an alpha who might be just as unconventional as Perce. What should be a one-night stand evolves into something much more—and forces Perce to reckon with his own feelings about love, family, and parenthood.

child abuse, childhood trauma, discussion of abortion, childbirth
LGBTQI+ romance
Paranormal romance
Billionaire romance

Tags: m/m, mpreg, omegaverse, abo dynamics, cinnamon roll LI, grumpy and sunshine, billionaire romance

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