A Stranger Sort of Fairy Tale


What happens when the incubus king meets his faery prince?

After two years of civil war, Tarquin has taken back his throne.

Now his task is to rebuild the city of Arubio and the shattered lives of the citizens. Marriage is the last thing on his mind, but that doesn’t stop his uncle, the Emperor of Rus, from selecting his betrothed anyway: Viridian, the heir to the throne of the fey nation of Fiddach.

As the reluctant Tarquin begins to warm to Viridian, it becomes apparent not everyone is ready to celebrate the coronation of a new king in Arubio. Someone—or something—is plotting against Tarquin. It seems as though he and Viridian are pawns in a much larger game between the incubi, fey, and dragons.

The stakes are high, but can the promise of Viridian’s heart convince Tarquin to play?

Explicit sexual content
Potential dubcon
Discussions of infidelity
Misgendering of a genderfluid character
Transphobic language
LGBTQI+ fantasy
LGBTQI+ romance
m/nb romance

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