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What Counts as Mpreg?


I largely ignore award season, because it’s mostly popularity contests. There’s nothing wrong with being popular, but winning often depends more on the author’s social network than literary merit. (And even when there are governing bodies, we can see all kinds of problems, like what’s gone on with the Hugos.) Yeah, yeah, they’re nice to look at. (Anna Shvets / Pexels.com) We also run...

The Issue of Mr. Mom in Mpreg


I’ve argued before that omegaverse tends to play fast and loose with our notions of gender. Mpreg, generally, does the same thing. One of the curiousities of the genre is that characters who can get pregnant maintain a cisgender identity. Because sex and gender is always so very clear cut. That can cause some consternation when it comes to terminology—particularly when Baby arrives. Should we...

Why I Didn’t Do Camp NaNoWriMo


(And Why I Won’t Be Doing Any NaNoWriMo Events in the Future) What my writing output has looked like the last couple of months (Jessica Lewis 🦋 thepaintedsquare / Pexels.com) Right! So, it’s May already. You may have noticed that the blog went on a bit of an extended break from early March. That wasn’t really my intention, but … life happened, as it is wont to do. Truth is, I haven’t written...

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