Lions Will Tame Leopards

The cover for Lions Will Tame Leopards, the fifth book in the Flirting with the Zodiac series, featured a roaring orange lion head imposed on a yellow planet, with six blue leopards running around the outside. The text "Lions Will Tame Leopards" appears in purple over the planet.

Leopards Can’t Change Their Spots … Or Can They?

Flirting with the Zodiac #5

Leopard shifter Nix has always been rough and tumble, and the threat of insurrection and violence in post-war Rasalas suits him just fine. Bomb threats and busting trafficking rings are just another day’s work as he and the rest of the president’s pride—Bern, Zo, and Wei—work to protect Rasala’s fragile new democracy and Regulus himself.

When the political takes a turn for the personal, a familiar face from his past emerges and Nix finds himself wearing the target for once. To avoid the sharp claws of revenge, he’ll have reckon with who he was and who he’s in the process of becoming. But can he reconcile his wildcat ways with a life of domestication at Regulus’s side?

rape, torture, explosions, injury, car accidents, discussion of abortion, ableist language, fictional discrimination, mentions of trafficking, drugs, sex work/prostitution, infant death, infanticide, violence, death, use of firearms, discussion of miscarriage
Science fiction
LGBTQI+ science fiction
LGBTQI+ romance
m/m/m/m/f romance
polyamorous romance

Tags: m/m/m/m/f, alien shifters, lion shifters, leopard shifters, big cat shifters, mpreg, found family, polyamory, omegaverse, alpha-beta-omega, abo dynamics, M/F, omega/omega, MMF, MMM, spy fic, established relationship, sibling rivalry

Flirting with the Zodiac Book 5!
Lions Will Tame Leopards arrives August 17, 2021! Grab your copy for 99 cents now!

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