Glitterati Omega


An ABO Mpreg Romance

Omega on Top #2

Socialite omega Rupert Cullinan might have everything—money, connections, and an enviable designer wardrobe—but he can’t get that fairy tale “happily ever after” he’s always wanted. Still reeling after his divorce, Rupert comes face to face with the fact money can’t buy him what he really wants: love and family.

That’s when alpha Winston Ndoni enters the picture, ready to rewrite the script Rupert’s stuck to his whole life. And—just like in a fairy tale—Winston offers Rupert a chance at having what he longs for. But with it comes an ultimatum that will cost Rupert his entire fortune.

Can Rupert really give it all up for a shot at happiness? Or will fear of losing wealth and status keep him from finding his happily ever after with the alpha of his dreams?

miscarriage, infertility, cancer, mental health issues, discussion of suicide, body image issues, depression, anxiety, colonialism, racism; discussion of past emotional abuse, domestic abuse, marital rape
LGBTQI+ romance
Paranormal romance
Billionaire romance

Tags: m/m, mpreg, omegaverse, abo dynamics, billionaire romance, interracial romance

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