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NaNoWriMo 2023 Wrapup


(lil artsy / Pexels.com) So, it’s December now. Which means we made it through November. This was the first year in a while I actually managed to push through National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. November has, historically, been a bit of a trashier for me. This year wasn’t much different, if I’m perfectly honest, yet somehow, I made it through and reached the goal. A Brief History of NaNo...

Omegaverse Explained


You have questions. I have answers. Welcome to the omegaverse: explained. Your resource for werewolf kink tropes. (Shelby Waltz / Pexels.com) Omegaverse Explained: What Is It Anyway? Omegaverse is essentially a worldbuilding trope used in fiction. Within it, characters have so-called secondary genders (or sexes). People may be designated as alpha, beta, or omega. Omegaverse originated in fandom...

Mpreg as Body Horror


One of the most fascinating things about pregnancy, in general, is how people react to it. Some people find it a wonderful experience. Some long to experience it. And others find the entire idea disquieting. That may be one reason that mpreg is even more fascinating. It, more often than not, veers into the realm of body horror. Why Pregnancy Is Terrifying Pregnancy is a weird, although entirely...

What Makes a Brute?


My newest book, Evan and the Alpha, hit Kindles everywhere last month. The story follows a human who ends up being kidnapped by aliens on strange planet.The story was originally written for an anthology called Brute’s Bounty. I rarely play up the “toxic alpha hole” tropes—tropes that are all intimately associated with “brutish” behavior.So, what the heck attracted me to write something that seems...

Omegaverse Biology: Queering Gender Norms


One of the most fascinating tropes to formalize in the last decade or so is the omegaverse. This form of worldbuilding has become incredibly popular in some circles. Even if it’s still niche, there are many people who read and enjoy omegaverse stories. I’ve argued that one of the reasons omegaverse is so popular is its willingness to play with gender and sex. In some ways, you could argue...

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