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Cherry Pickett is a writer and freelance editor from Toronto, Ontario. She grew up on a steady diet of anime, manga, video games, and fanfiction. As a reader, she loves sci-fi and fantasy, as well as romance. Her go-tos include a/b/o, mpreg, and shifter stories. She also enjoys watching a good old-fashioned hockey game, music, running, and baking.

When she’s not working, Cherry can be found musing on social issues, the nature of writing, and other topics, as well as doodling. She primarily writes romance with a heavy dash of SFF, and she almost always has too many projects on the go.

She lives in Southwestern Ontario with her partner and her pet chinchilla, Colby.


Ficsation is the official site of Cherry Pickett, featuring her books, blog, and serials. Check back often for all things Cherry, including updates to some of your favorite stories.


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