Hook, Line & Sinker

Hook, Line and Sinker cover

What’s marriage and a baby between friends?

Flirting with the Zodiac #1

Aliens might be common in New Martia, but half-Piscean Ty Metzler is still a bit of a fish out of water. His best friend Lawrence Trafford doesn’t seem to mind all that much. That changes when Lawrence’s parents make a power move to disinherit him from the family fortune. Ty’s seahorse biology suddenly takes center stage as the two friends scheme to secure Lawrence’s place in the line of succession.

But even between friends, marriage and a baby are a lot to ask. Add in one friend who wants to be something more and a confrontational family, and even the sturdiest of friendships may seem like a sinking ship. Ty and Lawrence must sort out their feelings and their allegiances—or risk losing everything.

Explicit sexual content, recreational drug and alcohol use, mental health issues, obscenity, xenophobia, classism, depictions of pregnancy and childbirth, medical situations, minor character death, gender dysphoria, discussion of miscarriage, emotional manipulation
Science fiction
LGBTQI+ science fiction
LGBTQI+ romance
m/m romance
m/m romance, interspecies relationship, xenophilia, seahorse biology, mpreg, fake marriage, friends to lovers

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