Who Even Is an “Author” Anymore?


The robots are coming! (Kindel Media / Pexels.com) The Verge released a pretty ugly article recently, detailing the rise of artificial intelligence and content generators. In it, they interviewed at least one author who was using a content generator, as they sought reasons people either supported or didn’t support these new “tools.” The article sparked a lot of debate, especially in light of the...

Can We Escape Rainbow Capitalism?


It’s June again, which means plenty of brands have rolled out their annual rainbow parade. This can range from a whole line of merchandise (a la Target) to simply changing a social media profile picture. (Monstera / Pexels.com) And, as happens every year, it’s also time for a discussion about “rainbow capitalism.” While it’s nice to see support—and, in times such as these, even hopeful—it happens...

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