Saved by the Selkie


Mythos Island Book 1

An M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance


Nobody believed me about Mythos Island, a legendary isle in the Arctic Ocean that’s said to be the home to all kinds of fantastical creatures. Nobody’s ever located the “wandering” island … until now.

Abandoned by my crew and left to drown, I’m lucky to wash up on the shores of the mythical island, thanks to this strange guy named Lir. Now I have to figure out how to get back to civilization, so I can tell everyone about my discovery. If only I can convince Lir to stop talking about “fated mates” and help me prove that Mythos Island really exists …


Maybe I was rebelling against my omega parent when I rescued the strange creature known as Aramis the human. Or maybe I’m just that foolish. Whatever the reason, I’m stuck with him, and now he’s trying to convince me to leave Mythos and my selkie family with him. Strange thing is, I want to go with him, wherever he wants to sail.

I’m not sure, but it feels like there’s something binding us together. I thought it only happened in fairy tales, but … could Aramis be my fated mate?

Getting Tossed Overboard Might Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Aramis

It looks like it’s all over for Aramis–until he’s dragged ashore on Mythos Island by the selkie Lir. At first, Aramis is ecstatic to have found the fabled island, which is home to selkies and other legendary creatures.

It quickly dawns on him that he needs to get home, so he can prove to the rest of humanity that selkies–and Mythos–really do exist. To do that, though, he’s going to need Lir’s help.

Lir, unaware of Aramis’s intentions, is happy enough to tag along when the human crew stages a rescue. He has his own reasons for going with the human–namely that Aramis is his fated mate.

Yet the journey is long and tempers are rising, and both Aramis and Lir are keeping secrets, making the ship into a powder keg that could quickly turn deadly for a pair of mismatched lovers …

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