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Shipwrecked with the Selkie Preview


The following is a preview of Shipwrecked with the Selkie, Book 2 in the Mythos Island series, available July 23, 2024! One Finn It is a great day for lounging on the beach. In fact, almost every day on Mythos is a good day for lounging on the beach, but today is particularly on point—blue sky, white sand, gorgeous turquoise water, broken up only by the whitecaps in the surf. And today, there’s...

Is M/M Romance Fetishizing?


Pride often brings up plenty of arguments about who “counts” as queer. Every year, we debate whether kink communities “belong” at Pride. People argue that folks in heterosexual-presenting relationships don’t belong in queer spaces. (Ronê Ferreira / Pexels.com) Another argument often emerges alongside discussions about who “belongs” or “doesn’t” belong in the queer community. Every so often—and...

Omegaverse Explained


You have questions. I have answers. Welcome to the omegaverse: explained. Your resource for werewolf kink tropes. (Shelby Waltz / Pexels.com) Omegaverse Explained: What Is It Anyway? Omegaverse is essentially a worldbuilding trope used in fiction. Within it, characters have so-called secondary genders (or sexes). People may be designated as alpha, beta, or omega. Omegaverse originated in fandom...

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