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What Counts as Mpreg?


I largely ignore award season, because it’s mostly popularity contests. There’s nothing wrong with being popular, but winning often depends more on the author’s social network than literary merit. (And even when there are governing bodies, we can see all kinds of problems, like what’s gone on with the Hugos.) Yeah, yeah, they’re nice to look at. (Anna Shvets / Pexels.com) We also run...

Mpreg Books I’m Looking Forward to in 2024


There are a ton of people writing mpreg out there these days, and I’d say we’re somewhat spoiled with how many new titles appear from month to month now. What can be difficult, though, is keeping track of all the new releases. I know I often don’t know about a book until it’s been out for months and months. Often, I just happen to be scrolling social media and someone posts about the book. It...

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