Main Squeeze

Main Squeeze, Flirting with the Zodiac Book 3, features snake shifters.

Falling into a nest of snake shifters can really shake up your love life.

Flirting with the Zodiac #3

Crash-landing on an alien planet full of shape-shifting snakes is probably less than ideal, but that’s where Marty Yoon ends up when a solo flight to Barnard’s Star goes wrong. Lucky for him, his rescuers, Jasper and Orrin, seem less interested in making him their next meal—and more intent on making him their mate!

Even though he’s initially hesitant, Marty finds himself charmed by the naga—and longing for the family they’ve promised him.

The arrival of a rescue team from Earth soon threatens the trio’s bid for domestic bliss, especially since the human crew seems bound, bent, and determined to take Marty back where he “belongs.” Can Marty convince them that his place in the universe is where his heart is—with Jasper, Orrin, and his new family—before it’s too late?

transphobia, colonialism, colonization, mental illness, psychiatric abuse, military, abuse of power, childhood abandonment, childhood trauma, depictions of pregnancy
Science fiction
LGBTQI+ science fiction
LGBTQI+ romance
m/m romance

Tags: mlm, m/m/m, polyam, trans MC, trans masculine character, snake shifters, naga, alien shifters, mpreg, found family, cunnilingus, period sex, double penetration, the snakes have two cocks, threesome, trois a menage, mating seasons, stuck with you, forced proximity, interspecies relationship, xenophilia

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