Flight of the Omega


An MM Mpreg Alien Romance

Jack loves the birds he cares for at Midlothian ranch. The owner’s bratty, spoiled son, JP Crane, is another story. As Jack prepares for the upcoming Rose Plate, though, he realizes there’s more to JP than meets the eye …

JP Crane doesn’t want to be at his father’s ranch, and he doesn’t want anything to do with Jack or the Rose Plate. Or, at least, he thinks he doesn’t—until he goes into hear. Even before that, though, Jack’s gentle nature is slowly breaking down JP’s barriers … and leading him to realize a horrific truth about his past.

Can a grumpy cowboy alpha and a spoiled brat omega overcome their differences and learn to love each other as they are?

Depictions of PTSD, depression, and anxiety; pregnancy and childbirth; forced pregnancy; past sexual abuse rape; implied sexual harassment/abuse/rape; mild violence; implied violence; parental abuse; misgendering; fatphobia and body shaming; mentions of suicidal ideation; swearing.
LGBTQI+ romance
Scifi romance

Tags: LGBTQ+ romance, mm romance, omegaverse, alien shifters, bird shifters, mpreg, eggpreg, xenophilia

Flight of the Omega Preview
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