Evan and the Alpha


Falling in love can be brutal … especially with an alien alpha!

Getting shot off into space is not my idea of a good time. Getting kidnapped by a bunch of crocodile-like aliens who want to sell me to the highest bidder sounds even less fun—but that’s my current reality.

Now I have to convince Sobek, the guy in charge, to keep me by his side instead … Although, it doesn’t hurt that he’s kinda cute, in a weird way.

But what’s up with all this “omega” stuff?

I cannot believe my brothers kidnapped a sun spirit, of all things. Worse, this Evan is whiny, weak, annoying, and very pretty—I mean, strange. Ah, well—at least he’ll fetch a high price for us; omegas usually do, and a sun spirit omega going to market is unheard of.

Although … Evan doesn’t seem to know much about being an omega. Maybe he just needs a good alpha. If he sticks around, I could teach him a thing or two …

A Research Mission Goes Wrong …

Space exploration is dangerous, but Evan doesn’t realize just how dangerous until he’s kidnapped by aliens on a supposedly uninhabited planet. Lucky for him, the kroakka assume he’s a sun spirit, a descendant of the sun gods. That might keep them from killing him, but it doesn’t stop them from trying to sell him into bondage—as “an omega,” no less.

Biology and culture unravel and clash as Evan slowly realizes he’s falling for the brute who captured him.

Now, Evan must convince the alpha Sobek that keeping him around is a much better plan—despite the brutal code of honor that compels Sobek to fight, tooth and claw, to keep Evan by his side.

Kidnapping, slavery; saneist/ableist language; violence, blood, gore, choking; injury and death; erotic asphyxiation; dubious consent; rough sex.
LGBTQI+ romance
Scifi romance

Tags: LGBTQ+ romance, mm romance, omegaverse, crocodile aliens, mpreg, xenophilia

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