A Year Without Summer


Luke Mackinnon’s been hiding something from his friend Mason Green.

[mks_tabs_item_title=”Summary”] They’re still bonded from that time Mason accidentally bit Luke in a fit of passion nearly ten years ago.

When he finds out he’s still mated to his best friend, Mason suggests that maybe they should give the bond a whirl. Could it be that the infamously promiscuous Mason is actually thinking about settling down?

At the close of hockey season, the alpha-omega pair takes off to the seclusion of Mason’s summer cottage near their hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario, intent on testing their novel relationship. But what’s supposed to be an eight-week respite from the world quickly becomes a melodramatic rollercoaster ride of friends, family, jealousy—with a couple of shocking revelations along the way.
[/mks_tabs_item] [mks_tabs_item_title=”CWs”] Dubious consent
Depictions of rape
Discussions of rape
[mks_tabs_item_title=”Categories”] LGBT romance
Sports romance
Gay romance
mm romance
[/mks_tabs_itm] [mks_tabs_item_title=”Tags”] a/b/o dynamics
fated mates
accidentally bonded

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